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At Dee Lanie Intelligence we deliver outstanding results across 4 key business areas: Design, Print, Branding and Digital Marketing

Dee Lanie Intelligence is a group of young minds, making up a vibrant multimedia company that seeks to reach out to businesses and organisations in achieving their set goals in line with media and marketing.

We would like to be Award-winning but for now we offer as much pedigree

We offer you modern marketing solutions to suit any modern business needs. Whether you are a start-up or a fully operational business wanting to expand its reach or send a message, we can help you.


We assist brands to create the a long-term creative brand solution that will help the target audience identify and differentiate the brand from competitors. To ultimately give you a competitive edge and the sales!


We assist brands and all walk-in customers with a lasting first time impression. Be it clothing, signage, promotional items or business stationary we ensure a fresh look.


We assist with branding to reposition a brand that is holistic.  A brand that helps differentiate itself from its competitors and resonate in the mind of the potential and current consumer.

Digital Marketing

We assist brands in developing and designing websites, we get you out there with a social media presence on all relevant platforms, to reach an audience beyond our borders.

Latest Out Reach

As part of #MandelaDay2019 we joined our good friends from Pop Sanity and PR Concert at the Gordonia Rehabilitation Center in Berea, Johannesburg. 

We even made sure the volunteers looked great in donated shirts. 

We are Dee Lanie Intelligence and we care


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